Forum Weirdness Redux: Some of

Forum Weirdness Redux: Some of the latest conspiracy theories, racism, and Islamic Fascism from the Utopia Politics Forums

Almahdi: “The US foreign policy is cleared through Tel Aviv. As long as US is a puppet of Israel, then they to should be a target. Not Civvies, of course, just the factories that make the weapons that go to Israel. The infrastructure that carries those weapons to Israel. The government that pays for the weapons that go to Israel!”

Corn: “…There may not be any direct evidence for the excistence of the Illuminati but there is more than enough circumstantial evidence. And a judge once told me that 99% of all evidence is circumstantial. So I am inclined to believe that there is a group of very rich, powerful and influential men out there who are controlling much of what goes on in the world today.”

Gene Yuss: “…Here is the bottom line: If the US government was right in Waco, Timothy McVeigh was right in Oklahoma City. After all, in Timony McVeigh’s eyes it was war after all. Of course I expect you to disagree with that statement, since a citizen punishing a government is wrong in your eyes no matter how justified the citizen is and how criminal the government is, but you can’t wrap your mind around a concept higher than the belief that authority is always right so you’re a hopeless case. Just go back to seig heiling and let the grown ups deal with the sophisticated issues.”

Rickey Ratt: “Stop trying to reason with Dragonspirited everybody. He’s asian, the only thing he understands is obedience and authority not being questioned. Asians are dog eating perverts who would eat each others poop and boil cats alive on US streets if whites would let them, those kind of people only understand a government that tortures and executes them for getting the least bit out of line. So of course he wants a government that can shoot anybody they feel like.”

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