Frank J.’s Vision For America By Frank J.

As you all know, I support Fred Thompson and his policy ideas. Yet, many of you wonder, “What is Frank J.’s vision for America?” Well, off the top of my head, here it is:


A fist in every hippie’s face.
Criminals on fire, running around the streets.
Every time you turn on the TV, foreign countries exploding.
Tax collectors shunned like in biblical times.
Increased vigilance for pirates.
People deported for being to big a sissy to be an American.
Everywhere a BBQ.
Giant cars left on to burn gas for no reason.
Liberals treated like lepers.
Dinosaurs roam the streets, delivering mail.
Lawyers exiled. Disputes settled by kung fu.
Rocket shoes.
Every movie has America as the hero and huge terrorist body counts. Even Disney films. And romantic comedies.
Monkeys slaughtered.
Katanas are back in style.
Illegal immigrants flee home and write back letters of apology.
Giant robots for some reason.
Everything has bacon in it.

I think that’s a pretty good vision. Anything you’d add to it?

This content was used with the permission of IMAO.

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