Gang-Raped by Liberals: Usually when

Gang-Raped by Liberals: Usually when we do an edition of A.C.P.O.T.I., we’re embarassing some bunch of racist hooligans, poking fun at conspiracy theorists, or bringing the comments of some bunch of Bin Laden loving Islamo-Fascists to light. But today, I ran across some posts that were so repulsive and sickening that they merited being dragged into the public view. Political discussions often get pretty heated and rhetoric gets tossed around freely but rarely do you hear a group of people talking about how much they’d like to rape somebody because they disagree with their views. Well the degenerates at Dumbrella forums apparently have no such inhibitions. They didn’t care for the Ann Coulter quotes I put up yesterday which prompted them to go on and on about how they’d love to rape Ann Coulter. You just have to see the conversation of this group of sexual predators in the making to believe it. So get ready for one of our most twisted episodes of A.C.P.O.T.I….

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