Gay Marriage And The Democratic Habit Of Lying

“I openly – no, flamingly – endorse Obama, whether he says he’s for gay marriage or not. . . . I know under Obama, it will only be a matter of time until the country sees the legalization of gay marriage.” — Genre editor Neal Boulton

You ever notice that Democrats, like John Kerry and Barack Obama, say that they oppose gay marriage, just like Republicans do, but most of their own supporters just assume they’re lying about it?

That’s a common trend, by the way.

Whenever Democrats say something about supporting the military, being patriotic, capitalism, supporting the 2nd Amendment, wanting to decrease the number of abortions, etc., etc., you ever notice that the people on the Left who have the exact opposite views seldom seem to mind?

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Could that be because liberals, as liberals, understand that their views are way out of the mainstream and that the politicians they support have to lie to get elected? So, they all just accept that on certain topics, the Democratic Party will have to lie about what they believe until they get enough power to implement their views over the protests of the American people?

Once you understand that, you’ll understand why lying about their beliefs comes as naturally to liberal Democrats as swimming does to fish.

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