Gene Simmons — A Celebrity Who Gets It?

Gene Simmons — A Celebrity Who Gets It?: Gene Simmons of Kiss, a man who freely admits he’s to left of center politically, wrote a surprisingly powerful editorial on his homepage defending the invasion of Iraq and America itself. It was so good that I thought I should I quote a big chunk of it here on RWN…

“…I have said in this political climate, that I am ashamed of the behavior of people who call themselves either members of the Democratic Party (whose politics I usually support, incidentally) or as Liberals (funny, I always thought I was one). But, I will not hesitate to tell someone off. I believe in a form of politics that supercedes philosophical discussions. I believe in Pragmatism.

Pacifism is a beautiful word. No one wants war. Not you. Not I. But, the most passionate Pacifist is only relatively so. What I mean is, it’s easy to be a Pacifist here in America. That’s because Hussein and other menaces are far away. The closer a gun is pointed to your head, the less of a Pacifist you are…the more you’re interested in stopping the guy pointing the gun to your head.

Granted. Saddam Hussein never pointed a gun to my head. I also never want to wait long enough for him to do so. PRE-EMPTIVE WAR is one of the realities we all have to face. There will never be another 9/11…and I could give a sh*t if there is or isn’t a direct line to Hussein. He had to go. Period. That regime wouldn’t think twice about giving an extremist a suitcase filled with a dirty bomb.

I am passionate about America. It has given me (and in my estimation, the world) everything I ever wanted… including the right to disagree, without winding up in a can of dog food. And, because of my passionate love of America, warts and all, I will stand up and defend her at the drop of a hat.

Is America always right? No. But for 100 years, it seems to me, it has gotten most of it right. The most powerful force the world has ever known is not conquering other countries. Previous world powers, had a colonial agenda. This included at various times in history: Rome, Greece, Nazi Germany, France, England, Communist Russia and Persia. There are more.

But, aside from the French complaining (don’t they always?) about the influx of the AMERICAN CULTURE, I don’t see America expanding its borders…All the countries in the world are free to rule themselves as they see fit…as long as they don’t threaten anyone else.

…”America, love it or leave it?” I never subscribed to that ideal. It’s actually UnAmerican. I DO believe in different opinions. But, I am also ashamed of any American especially, who gets up on stage in a different country to badmouth America, while American troops are dying in a desert country they would never want to live in.

…The war, for the most part is over. The British and the Aussies, (God bless em both,) amid a murky political situation, stood alongside Americans and did what had to be done.

The Iraqi’s are free.

I suggest anyone having a problem with this war go talk to the Iraqi’s. Ask them if they prefer freedom (even at the price of, initially having what seems to be chaos), or if they prefer Saddam Hussein come back and reinstates the old ways.

I DARE anyone to say the Iraqi’s were better off before, under Hussein.

And, after the war dies down, and people here in America go back to normalcy, there will be people who say that they are “non-violent.” You don’t want to get into fights. But, what that really means is, you don’t want to pick on anybody.

Problem is, the bad guys don’t always agree with you. You see, if you’re against violence and some guy holds a gun to your head and asks you for your money, you better re-think your position. You better become VERY VIOLENT at that moment. Or, you’re dead.

Being a Pacifist, is an ideal. I subscribe to it. I’m against violence. But, only CONCEPTUALLY, if you threaten my children, I wouldn’t think twice about snapping your neck on the spot. I suspect most people would take my view.

You can tell by the length of this missive, that this issue has gotten under my skin. So, I’ll try to recap my feelings, in brief. Get ready, ’cause here comes the truth:

America is the world’s only hope for a bright future.

Yes. I mean that. Yes, I know you live in another country and your country is cool, too. But, America is the only Superpower. There are no others. And that means, the world is a better place. Because if Nazi Germany or Communist Russia were the only superpowers, we would all be either dead or forced to live under their regimes.

America is not interested in ruling your country. If you think it does, smoking crack may be your answer.

I wasn’t born here. But, I have a love for this country and its people that knows no bounds. I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II, when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away…and rescued my Mother from the Nazi German Concentration Camps.

She is alive and I am alive because of America.

And, if you have a problem with America, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME.”

Wow, what I can say other than Gene Simmons, RWN salutes you!

A hat tip goes to American Realpolitik for finding this one.

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