George Bush: The Smartest Dumb Guy You’ll Ever Run Across

One of the most common refrains about Bush that you’ll hear from liberals is that W. is “stupid”, an “idiot”, a “moron”, & of course, how could we ever forget “dumb”?

But we must remember that liberals said exactly the same thing about Reagan and Quayle and will likely try to claim that either the GOP candidate for the presidency or the vice-presidency in 2008 is “even dumber than Bush”. As Ann Coulter pointed out, that’s just standard operating procedure for libs…

“If liberals were prevented from ever again calling Republicans dumb, they would be robbed of half their arguments. To be sure, they would still have “racist,” “fascist,” “homophobe,” “ugly,” and a few other highly nuanced arguments in the quiver. But the loss of “dumb” would nearly cripple them.”

But, let’s examine this idea, this claim that “Bush is dumb” in a little more detail.

Furthermore, let’s just set-aside the fact that a guy who’s as stupid as liberals claim Bush is wouldn’t be able to spell his own name, much less run his own business, become governor of Texas, defeat Al Gore during the 2000 debates, or win the presidency.

Let’s look back to George W. Bush’s college days. You know, when he got his undergraduate degree from Yale (1968) and an MBA from Harvard? Is Yale really pumping out that many cretins? Can just any imbecile off the street get an MBA from Harvard? Apparently, there are a lot of liberals who believe this to be the case.

Then there’s George Bush’s SAT score of 1206 (which is “the equivalent of a 1280 under today’s dumbed-down scoring system”).

That’s a superb score. In fact, as “Linda Gottfredson, co-director of the University of Delaware-Johns Hopkins Project for the Study of Intelligence and Society, told United Press International: “I recently converted Bush’s SAT score to an IQ using the high school norms available for his age cohort. Educational Testing Service happened to have done a study of representative high school students within a year or so of when he took the test. I derived an IQ of 125, which is the 95th percentile.” In other words, only one out of 20 people would score higher.”

So if George Bush is smarter than 19 out of 20 people, that means he’s probably brainier than 95% of the people who claim that he’s “dumb”. Can you ever remember a time when there were so many people who smugly and yet incorrectly presumed themselves to have a higher IQ than a man who was their intellectual superior?

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