Germany — The Bureacrat’s Dreamland

Germany — The Bureaucrat’s Dreamland: I just couldn’t let this pass by without commenting…

“…In an effort to protect the humble German ant from the nation’s over-zealous gardeners, 85 ant-protection officers have been appointed.

German homeowners and gardeners who attempt to destroy an ant hill or subterranean nest will be subject to hefty fines if caught.

They must now apply for a permit from their local forestry office to have the ants carefully moved to local woods.

“People with an ant hill in their garden must under no circumstances resort to the use of poison,” said ant officer Dieter Kraemer. “This is a violation of federal nature protection laws and punishable with hefty fines.”

They have “85 ant-protection officers” in Germany? “(H)omeowners and gardeners” must have permits so they can, “have the ants carefully moved to local woods” instead of just wiping them out? Is Germany overrun with PETA-style animal rights extremists or are they just that cartoonishly mired in red tape?

You know what would be amusing? If the EU decided to adopt this policy and every country in Europe had to submit itself to this sort of beadledom. Don’t laugh, the EU already forced farmers in Britain to give “manipulable material” (one spokesman suggested “footballs and basketballs”) to pigs. Given that, forcing all of Europe to fret over ants wouldn’t necessarily be that big of a stretch…

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