Getting Out Of Public Restrooms Clean Just Got Easier

Longtime readers know of my germ phobic nature. I’m not totally anal, but after having a kid spend four months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, public germs freak me out. That’s in contrast to private germs–the germs in our homes, our beds, bathrooms and kitchens–that our bodies have acclimated to and are used to fighting and help build our immune systems. Yes, I do believe in hand washing at home. And yes, dirty kitchens and bathrooms at home skive me out. But a hermetically sealed bubble boy life doesn’t interest me.

That’s in contrast to my love of fastidious, obsessive cleanliness in public places. I want restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms, etc. to be perfectly clean, because no matter how hard they try to keep it clean, there are still going to be germs. I try to not think about it. And one of my pet peeves is public bathroom design where a person can’t get out of the bathroom without touching some germ-infested surface.

Yesterday, I received an email from the owner of a business that solves the problem of getting out of public bathrooms clean. Check it out:

No, I’m not getting paid to advertise this gizmo, although I told the owner that it would be nice. Actually, I just think it’s high times something like this came along. So, if you own a business, buy these things. They look easy enough to install. I actually used one at a local restaurant the other day. What a thrilling experience to get out of the bathroom without having to touch anything.

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