Ghost In A Jar — Bwahahahahaah

Ghost In A Jar — Bwahahahahaah

Ghost In A Jar — Bwahahahahaah!: Are you looking for an “unusual” gift to give to dad for Father’s Day? Do you have a friend who has seen “Ghost Busters” 11 times? Have you given up on finding a cool knick-knack to give to your buddy who believes the “Blair Witch Project” is real? Well then never fear, because “Ghost In A Jar” is here! Just listen to this bone chilling description…

“I don’t have enough space here to tell the complete story behind this, so I will briefly go over it. Back in the early 1980’s, while out metal detecting, I came across and old abandoned cemetery with the foundation of a homesite or Church or something nearby. While searching around the foundation, my detector indicated there was something in the ground close by the southwest corner of the foundation. After digging down about 2 feet my shovel struck a wooden box that had nearly rotted out. The metal hinges and hasp were about all that was left of it. I thought I had discovered a fortune! Boy, did that ever turn out to be wrong!! There were 2 jars and an old journal in the box. The jars had some strange writing and symbols on them. While getting the jars out of the ground, I dropped one and it broke. A black mist or something seeped out of it. I should have known something was wrong right then and covered the find back up but being young and foolish I didn’t.

I left the broken jar with what looked like a candle in it there where it fell and took the other one (see the pictures) and the old journal home. What I was able to read in the journal before the pages crumbled made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! That night, I had my first visit from what I can only describe as “The Black Thing”. While lying in bed, this “thing” fell on me and it felt like I was being pushed down thru the bed and the floor, into a pit if you will! I struggled with it and managed to somehow escape its clutches. Since that time, I have been attacked twice more and both times the unopened jar was in the close vicinity. I and others have caught fleeting glimpses of a black shadowy thing out of the corners of our eyes as it would pass from one room to another. I finally talked to someone who is versed in these things and was told that the only way to rid myself of this thing was to pass the unopened jar on to someone else. Therefore, I am offering to you, if you dare, the “Ghost in the Jar”. With it I am sure you will be getting the “Black Thing” also.”

Why that product’s the best deal on Ebay at only $2,014.001! But, don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs like “Ghost ly in a Jar of peanut butter! “…

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I do not know what it is about this jar of peanut butter but every time I eat it… it causes my tummy to make ghostly noices. It may be haunted! not sure though…. so do not qoute me on that please!

Then there’s “Toast In A Jar (hot chick not included)“…

“This auction is for a piece of toast in a jar.

The toast started off as a slice of Sara Lee Homestyle Wheat bread. After a few moments in the fiery southern pit of this Proctor Silex kitchen toaster, the bread had changed irreversibly into toast.

The toast contains about 100 calories.

Although the toast isn’t haunted or anything, it is still pretty weird. Toast? In a jar? Bizarre!”

So remember, unless you want to be sub-par, buy a ghost in the JAR! See, it rhymes? It’s better than, “Where’s the beef” & “Terry Tate Office linebacker rolled into one”…well, maybe not…but it is better than those d*mn Mentos commercials…

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