Giuliani’s 200 Reasons Why He’d Be a Better President Than Any Democrat

Have you heard Rudy Giuliani’s 200 reasons why he’d be a better president than any of the Democratic candidates?

It’s all about federal judges, baby.

WASHINGTON – Rudy Giuliani Friday came up with “200 reasons” why he is better than Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat – the 200 judges he would name as President.

“I’m gonna give you 200 reasons” to choose him over Sens. Clinton (D-N.Y.), Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.), Giuliani told applauding strict constructionists from the Federalist Society.

“It’s the 200 federal judges the next President of the U.S. is likely to appoint,” Giuliani said.

The former mayor said that if Clinton won, she would name “judges who will be activist in the sense of trying to legislate social policy.”

You can take that prediction to the bank. Giuliani may or may not appoint your ideal judges to the federal bench, but I can guarantee you that Hillary Clinton would put about 200 more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs (male or female) on the bench. The effects would reverberate for decades.

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