Give Me An “Old” Politician Any Day Of The Week By Frank J.

Here’s Obama misrepresenting a McCain quote about as dishonestly as possible. With this and the repeated misrepresentation of McCain one hundred years comment, Obama is either very dishonest or very stupid. I lean towards the former, but you can make an argument for the latter.

So what’s all this crap about him being a “new” politician? He has all the stuff we hate about politicians plus no useful experience or accomplishments and social ties that show extremely poor moral judgment — at best. But he’s black so it’s all brand new and exciting! It’s like you hate M&Ms, but you find out they now have added green ones so now you’re all excited to buy a bag. Oh, but when you bite in, you find they’ve replaced the chocolate with rat droppings.

Democrats are stupid.

This content was used with the permission of IMAO.

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