Give War A Chance?: It’s

Give War A Chance?: It’s no coincidence that the most peaceful week in Israel during the last year has been prompted by a full scale invasion of the occupied territories. The Israelis are blowing away and locking-up every terrorist they can get their hands on and they even killed the HAMAS member that plotted the the “Passover Massacre.” Don’t think the success of this mission is going unnoticed by the Israelis. This is proof that a show of force CAN stop the suicide bombers and the next time there are a couple of bombings expect the pressure on Sharon to make another massive assault on the occupied territories to be intense. The success of this raid is going to change the equation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and Arafat had better recognize that fact. Not only is he almost irrelevant at this point, but the PA and the Oslo Accords are starting to look like part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Arafat and the PA may think that world opinion will save them but world opinion isn’t going to matter much to the Israelis if they start dying in suicide attacks on a daily basis again.

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