Given These Numbers, Shouldn’t We Be Reducing The Number Of Immigrants We Allow Into Our Country?

I ran across some interesting numbers on immigrants in a piece about Victor Davis Hanson…

“While Mexican immigrants come to America no more or less poor, no more or less uneducated than previous waves of immigrants, they are far more resistant to assimilating into American culture. Hanson notes that, of the millions of Mexican immigrants legally admitted to this country since 1982, only 20 percent had bothered to become citizens by 1997.

A resistance to fully assimilating into American society and the de-emphasis of “American” in Mexican-American, has impeded the Mexican immigrant population’s upward mobility in California. That notion is borne out by data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, the Washington-based public policy group headed by immigration expert Mark Krikorian. Some 65 percent of Mexican immigrants in California are high school dropouts, according to the center, compared to only 7 percent of the native-born population. Some 41 percent of Mexican immigrant households are on the public welfare rolls, compared to 14 percent of natives.

The socio-economic status of Mexican immigrants barely improves over time. Nearly 55 percent of Mexican immigrants are living in or near poverty after residing here in this country more than 20 years. Some 45 percent are without health care after 20 years and 37 percent are still relying on welfare.”

Those are horrendous numbers. The fact that “41 percent of Mexican immigrant households are on the public welfare rolls” is scandalous and 37% percent still need welfare twenty years later — good grief — what do you even say to that? The fact that we have all these uneducated deadbeats who want to leech off the rest of the population in our country shows that we desperately need immigration reform.

Why in the world should the American people — including other immigrants who come here to live the American dream — be forced to help pay for these people’s livelihoods? Moreover, why aren’t we working to change our immigration policy to try to keep out people who primarily want to take advantage of America’s safety net to begin with?

The American people deserve better than to be sold out like this by Democrats looking for more votes and Republicans looking to please businesses who want cheap labor. These issues are important & could even potentially be huge winners at the ballot box, but regrettably, I see very few Republicans or Democrats who are willing to address them.

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