Global Plateauing?

At The Independent, they dropped an interesting factoid in a global warming scare piece:

“Professor Jones said the long-term trend of global warming – already blamed for bringing drought to the Horn of Africa and melting the Arctic ice shelf – is set to be exacerbated by the arrival of El Niño, the phenomenon caused by above-average sea temperatures in the Pacific.

Combined, they are set to bring extreme conditions across the globe and make 2007 warmer than 1998, the hottest year on record. It is likely temperatures will also exceed 2006, which was declared in December the hottest in Britain since 1659 and the sixth warmest in global records.”

Global warming fanatics like to tell you all the science is settled when it comes to climate change, but actually, it’s extremely iffy.

Just consider that the warmest year on record is 1998 and so there hasn’t been any global warming for the last 8 years. Furthermore, remember that the earth was getting cooler from roughly 1940-1970, then it warmed from roughly 1970-1998 — and since then, it has plateaued even though the amount of greenhouse gasses pumped into the atmosphere has continued to rise during that time.

That’s pretty spotty evidence to base all these apocalyptic theories on, isn’t it? Especially since we don’t even have the most basic understanding of all the factors that have caused the planetwide temperature to fluctuate significantly for millions of years. People who are really interested in science, as opposed to political agendas, should be willing to admit at least such.

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