God Help Black America If Republicans Run The Fulton County Commission

Via Redstate comes this insane commercial for Democrat John Eaves, who is “running to replace Republican Karen Handel as the Chairman of the Fulton County Commission, the county in which Atlanta exists.”

If you boil the commercial down to its essence, it basically says that either black Americans should vote for John Eaves or the Republicans will use water hoses and dogs on black people today, just like the Democrats used to do back in the sixties.

At one point, it literally says that, “Your very life may depend,” on electing John Eaves. So, in other words, it’s vote for John Eaves or Republicans will be lynching black people all over Atlanta.

So what this ad is saying is that white Republicans want to murder black Americans. Really? The party of Condi Rice hates black people? The party of Colin Powell? The party of Clarence Thomas? The part of Michael Steele? The party of Thomas Sowell? The party of Larry Elder? The party of Walter Williams feels this way?

At some point, wouldn’t you think that black Americans would start to get insulted by this sort of ad? Wouldn’t you think that at some point, you’d start to regularly hear a lot of black Americans starting to say, “How stupid do the Democrats think we are? How about talking about issues instead of treating us like easily manipulated children?” Let’s hope that day comes soon.

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