Good News: AGW Causes More Malaria

I’m glad we have the media around to tell us these things

Global warming has added more crunch to the existing fatal consequences of the increase in the number of malaria cases, thereby fuelling the need for lifesaving vaccinations to those in need, says an expert. Experts are concerned that the drastic changes in the environment may lead to further increase in such cases in the coming years.

Dr Sylvain Fleury, chief scientific officer at Mymetics said, “Forty-one per cent of the human race lives in areas of high malaria transmission.” Mymetics, a Swiss vaccine biotech, is currently developing a vaccine with the potential to control malaria in developing countries.

So, does that mean that 1st World governments will get off their high moral horses and allow those countries to use DDT without having their free money taken away? Fat chance.

It has been studied that even a modest temperature increase can extend the proliferation of malaria-bearing mosquitoes.

Really? Mosquitos show up when it gets warmer? I knew there was a reason I did not get bitten during the North Carolina winter. Damn! I had no idea!

“The best way to prevent the spread of malaria into warming areas of the globe is to find a solution before the situation worsens,” said Dr Fleury.

DDT. ‘Nuff said.

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