Good News! Climate Change Threatens Peace

Well, this is good news for those those who backed The Goracle receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and were tickled pinko when he won it, thanks to 5 bored Norwegians

What does global warming have to do with global peace? The globe may find out sooner than we think, experts say.

“Climate change is and will be a significant threat to our national security and in a larger sense to life on Earth as we know it to be,” retired Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, former U.S. Army chief of staff, told a congressional panel last month.

Apparently, we have the new MSM (read “barking moonbat”) meme to counteract all of us hysterical, mean spirited right wing nuts assaulting Gore for winning a Peace prize for something that has nothing to do with peace. The point of the Nobel Peace prize is to give it “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. As I wrote in Fridays Surrender Monkey post, global warming as caused by Man, also know as “climate change”-spoken in the same terms that abortion on demand is called choice-has nothing to do with the stated purpose of the prize. So, the MSM trots out one source to tells us it does. Case closed, debate over, just believe and worship at Gore’s alter. Anyone thing Ann Coulter was wrong when she called liberalism a “religion?”

As a sidebar, isn’t it cute when the MSM all of a sudden believes someone who was in the military? Usually they are on the side of those like Kerry and Kennedy, calling, or at least insinuating, that they are all warmongers, scaring women and children in the dead of night, killing civilians in cold blood. Funny how that actually describes the UN peacekeepers when Americans are not involved. Add in some sex and drug parties, and perfect!

But, does climate change cause war and strife? Beats the heck out of me. The quote by Gen. Sullivan sure doesn’t say how. The AP gives it a shot by writing

Those like Sullivan who study the issues point particularly to the impact of drought and altered climate patterns on food and water supplies, leading to shortages that could spur huge, destabilizing migrations of people internationally.

Riiiiiiiight (think Dr. Evil.) In reality, it could cause that to happen. But, I do not remember the Ethiopians of the 1980’s starting a war when they were starving to death due to drought. Nor did the United States start World War II due to the severe drought that occurred throughout our Midwest and Southwest during virtually the entire decade of the 1930’s. Last time I checked, Japan, Germany, and Italy started that one. One could probably make interesting links to the start of WWII to climate change, but, the Goracle’s disciples are now saying that global warming only started in the last 20-30 years. Usually the year after Newsweek and Time (for those of you whose dentist does not carry them, they are news magazines that are always a week behind, but have great celeb photos) said an ice age was coming.

The climathysterics, who always fail to live the lifestyle they want everyone else to live, refuse to tell us what either the optimal temperature for the Earth is or the average temperature they want the Earth to be. Perhaps it should be several degrees cooler, like during the Little Ice Age? There was no war or strife during that time period, right? Nothing like the America Revolution, the War of The Roses, the Spanish Inquisition, the rise of piracy from the Caribbean to Madagascar, etc and so on. Nope. No violence at all.

But, gee, yes, let us return to the halcyon days of the Little Ice Age, which actual, real data shows was a primary factor in causing the Black Plague, which killed around 75 million people from Asia through Europe.

Hot, cold, wet, warm, doesn’t matter: these things will happen. But unless you are scared of the world catching on fire, you will not spend money on carbon offsets and line the pockets of people like The Goracle.

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