GoogleBombing Pro-Amnesty Senators: A Payback Project Update

Last week, I said the following,

“If this bill passes the Senate, I’m going to organize multiple Googlebombs that target every Republican in the Senate who is up for reelection in 2008 and votes for this amnesty bill. I’m going to find the worst, most damaging hit pieces on the entire world wide web and I’m going to see to it that every person who searches for the name of a pro-amnesty Republican in the Senate will see those articles. I organized GoogleBombs last year that targeted Democratic candidates and we got 70 out of 86 negative links in the top 30 search results on Google. This year, since we have more time, we will probably have an even higher success rate.”

I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about that. To the contrary, I’ve expanded on the idea. Towards that end, I’ve bought a domain, Payback Project. Currently, it’s pointed at Right Wing News.

But, if this bill passes, it’s going to be built out and used as a headquarters to launch an all-out assault on every Republican senator up for reelection in 2008 who votes for this bill. It’ll start with Google Bombing — and there will be multiple waves of Google Bombs — but it won’t stop there.

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Every senator up for reelection who votes for this bill will be targeted with videos and articles that will be designed to convince as many Republicans as possible to either vote for a primary opponent or alternately, to just refuse to vote in the Senate race in 2008.

Target #1 will be Lindsey Graham. Here’s a small sample from Lindsey’s article (What South Carolina Republicans Need To Know Before They Vote For Lindsey Graham):

“** Lindsey Graham has referred to people who want to secure the borders and prevent illegal immigrants from entering America as “bigots.” If you believe we should secure the border, do you really want to vote for someone who thinks that you’re a bigot?

** Few Republicans have done more to help Ted Kennedy block conservative judges in the Senate than Lindsey Graham. Because of his participation in the Gang-of-14 compromise, several conservative judges were denied up and down votes in the Senate and since the “compromise” no longer applies in this Congress, if a spot were to open up on the Supreme Court, the Democrats could block a conservative nominee with a filibuster, something that is only possible because of Lindsey Graham’s help.

My goal will be to get these articles and brutal, Vernon Robinson-style videos into the hands of almost every Republican in the state these senators are running in. Ideally, that will be via large email lists that target particular states (I still haven’t gotten those lined up everywhere yet –it’s still early — but I’m working on it).

Also, I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting local press. After all, in my experience, there’s nothing liberals love more than giving air time to Republicans that are attacking other Republicans.

By election time, I’m confident that we can peel 5k-10k votes off the total of every pro-amnesty Republican in the Senate, even though I would stop all activity when the primary is over (Whether these candidates have opponents or not, they’ll still be targeted).

Make no mistake about it, I’m willing to forego any consulting income I could make, I’ll forget about the fund raising I could be doing for the GOP, and I will show these politicians what a real “new media” campaign looks like and I can promise you that they will never forget it, because they will be on the business end of it. We won’t be able to get them all, but we will get 2-4 of them, either in the primaries or because we’re able to turn off just enough Republican voters so that they lose in the general election.

Now, maybe this sounds extreme to you, especially coming from a guy who has always encouraged people to suck it up and vote Republican at the ballot box, even if your choice is between a Democrat and a RINO. Although I still feel that way (hence, no campaigning after the primaries), what’s happening with this issue is changing my view. The GOP stunk it up in 2006 and as far as I can tell, they didn’t learn one, single, stinking thing from it.

* Guys like Johnny Isakson and John Kyl went out in 2006, told the voters in their states that they could trust them to fight against illegal immigration in the Senate, and yet they’re backing this amnesty plan. I know politicians don’t always have the best relationship with the truth, but that sort of outrageous lying about an important issue like this really offends me.

* Lindsey Graham and Saxby Chambliss got boo’d over favoring this bill.

* Rasmussen polling shows that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are against this bill almost 2 to 1.

* These senators are getting thousands of hostile phone calls demanding that they oppose this bill.

* Conservatives are absolutely furious about this bill. I’m not sure that there would be more anger if these Republicans in the Senate were voting in favor of removing the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution or voting to make partial birth abortion a constitutional right.

Yet, you’ve got utterly clueless bubbleheads like Mitch McConnell saying, “I don’t think there’s a single member of either party next year who is going to fail to be re-elected over this issue.”

At some point, there has got to be a line you draw in the sand, and you have to say, “You step over this line, and I’m going to teach you a lesson that you’re never going to forget.”

For me, that line is this amnesty bill — and it’s not just me that’s starting to draw lines. Redstate has had it with the House over the appointment of a shady Republican Congressman, Ken Calvert, to the Appropriations Committee. Victory Caucus is going after Republicans who are for surrender in Iraq. You’ve got Michelle Dallacroce of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens tearing up her Republican Party card on TV and pledging to take down Kyl and McCain. Then there’s this new blog, Jon Kyl is a liar.

Meanwhile, even though the American people may hate the Democrats, they hate the GOP even more. The number of people who call themselves Republicans has dropped from 37.3% of the population in 2004 to 31% today and the public trusts the Democrats more than the GOP on every major issue including taxes, national security, and the economy.

You know why the party is having all these problems? Because the American people are looking at Bush, McConnell, Trent Lott, and the rest of these schmoes and it’s making their stomachs turn. The Country Club Republicans don’t stand up for small government, they don’t stand up for the rule of law, they’re not tough on illegal immigration, they’re not showing much on foreign policy, and they’re not even willing to try to avoid the appearance of corruption (Look at Ken Calvert). Moreover, the Republicans in the Senate and the White House seem to have come to believe, somehow, some way, that they don’t need the support of conservatives to succeed.

At some point these guys have got to get right with their base and their constituents if they’re going to break out of the doldrums and unfortunately, I’m starting to wonder if anything other than putting some of these guys out of jobs will do the trick and wake them up.

Update #1: From the comments section,

“Hawkins, and I mean this kindly, if this is your new MO, maybe you should rethink that “Republicans cutting down other Republicans” book deal you turned down a ways back.” — ahobin

I am really, genuinely hoping that it doesn’t come to this. In fact, I’d love nothing better than to see the party reunite behind a new leader in 2008, get back to conservative principles, and take back the House, Senate, and recapture the presidency.

So, my goal isn’t just to randomly splatter the GOP and conservatism with offal, it’s to help to save these morons in DC from themselves. If I, and other likeminded conservatives, can’t stop them from supporting this godawful bill in the Senate, then maybe we can cause so much trouble for them that it’ll scare the House straight on the issue and convince the Senate Republicans that they have got to get right with the base again. If the price for that turned out to be 2-3 Republican Senators losing their seats, well, so be it. We may lose that many over this bill anyway.

As to the book, I still just don’t feel right about doing a whole book on annoying conservatives. A column, yes, but a whole book? That’s just too much. I mean you just know it would be favorably quoted by the New York Times and Keith Olbermann would read excerpts of it and that would make me feel all icky! So, I can’t do the book, although if I did, John McCain, Trent Lott, Arlen Specter, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Hagel, Richard Lugar, and Lindsey Graham — among others — would certainly be in it.

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