GOP Straw Polls — Poll For May

Update #1: You know, I told you not long ago that Ron Paul’s support is all vapor and that the reason he has great numbers on the net is that he has a group supporters spamming (and sometimes using scripts) to bump his numbers up in poll after poll. Well, this poll provides hard proof of that.

For example, look at GOPstrawpolls,, and theviewfromthepeak. What you will see is that you have Ron Paul people flooding in through those polls, voting for Paul, and voting every other candidate down.

If you want to get an idea of how popular Paul really is in the blogosphere, take a look at the acceptability statistics for Ron Paul from people who chose another candidate as their first choice. Just for comparison’s sake, let’s compare his acceptability numbers to those of Duncan Hunter, whom I consult for:

People who chose Rudy as their first choice,

Ron Paul: -85.8%
Duncan Hunter: – 5.4%

People who chose Mitt Romney as their first choice,

Ron Paul: – 76.2%
Duncan Hunter: + 17.9%

People who chose Fred Thompson as their first choice,

Ron Paul: -79.6%
Duncan Hunter: +27.8%

People who chose Tom Tancredo as their first choice,

Ron Paul: – 18%
Duncan Hunter: +64%

People who chose Newt Gingrich as their first choice,

Ron Paul: -70.5%
Duncan Hunter: +31.1%

In other words, once you filter the Ron Paul spammers out of the equation, you find out that he is widely despised on the right side of the blogosphere.

Update #2: If you look at the referrer logs at Race42008, one of the sites being flooded by Ron Paul spammers, you’ll see (among others)……B-40AE-98CBEBBAC558D72C8722797

Any poll that you see Paul doing well in, in the background, you’ll probably see the same sites funneling a lot of the same people out to vote in each poll.

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