Gotta Love That Early Voting

Here in North Carolina, they have early voting and I took the opportunity to pull the lever for the GOP (and against every bond issue). I know a lot of people have complained about early voting problems, but everything went smooth as silk for me today.

I hit a polling place about 5 miles from my apartment and there was no Danny DeVito & “Carla” From “Cheers” blocking the polls so I was in and out of there in ten minutes (although there were about 10 people in line when I left).

The electronic voting machine was so easy to use that it was practically “stupid proof”. I mean this thing was so simple that even a Florida Democrat could figure it out.

And the poll workers? They were great. They asked everyone who they were voting for and if the person said “Kerry,” they gave them a hand-out explaining why Bush was a better choice. There was also a huge pic of George Bush standing at the WTC with his arm around that fireman right in the middle of the polling place. There were even Bush/Cheney bumper stickers on each voting booth. It was really inspirational……kidding, I’m just kidding in this paragraph =D Lol….

In all seriousness, the early voting was great. If they have it in your state, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the convenient locations and shorter lines….especially if you live in Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, & Minnesota. Come on, not only is this an important election that will determine the fate of the war on terror and the shape of the Supreme Court (among other things), we need every conservative vote we can get to make up for all the dead libs, felons, and illegal aliens who’ll be voting for Kerry =D

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