GPS Devices For Guns?

Liberals got all upset that the President authorized warrantless wiretaps on Americans who were chatting with Al-Qaeda members overseas. Meanwhile, in Boston, a lib wants to put GPS devices on the guns of loyal citizens so Big Brother will always know where their guns are:

“Saying gun manufacturers should take steps to track guns, a Boston city councilor is proposing that global positioning technology be installed in firearms.

Councilor Rob Consalvo wants to put a tracking device into newly manufactured guns and have legal gun owners retrofit their firearms so owners and police can locate and retrieve stolen guns the same way police use a computer chip to locate stolen cars.

”Let’s use that same technology to track weapons so we know where they are when they’re stolen or bought illegally,” he said. ”I think it’s a common-sense idea.”

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Consalvo has asked Springfield-based Smith & Wesson, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, to meet with him to discuss the proposal.

…Gun-related arrests have gone up 37 percent in the last year, and gun violence has risen 77 percent in the last three years, Consalvo said. Many guns, he added, are stolen from legal owners or smuggled into Massachusetts from surrounding states and sold illegally at flea markets and gun shows.

Consalvo acknowledged that the cost of manufacturing guns with such a device could be high, but that it would be worth it.

Let’s see: it’s an invasion of privacy, expensive, and oh yeah, it won’t work.

Now, I’m not an electronics wiz, but isn’t a GPS device going to require a power source? If so, why wouldn’t the criminal just immediately remove it after stealing the gun? Moreover, if they’re having a problem with guns being bought illegally from surrounding states, how will this law help? Do they think people are going to steal guns, sneak them into Massachusetts, and then attach a GPS device to them before they sell them under the table?

Even by liberal standards, this is a terrible idea…

Hat tip to Ravenwood’s Universe for the story.

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