GPS In All Mobile Phones? Please Provide Proof

At some point or another, I bet we have all played the whisper a rumor game. That’s where you start with some sort of legitimate story, whisper it to one person, who repeats it to another, and so on around the circle, till it gets back to you, and you get to marval how much it has changed. I think Kevin Drum has been playing, as he somehow ends up with this

YOU AND YOUR CELL….All modern cell phones are equipped with GPS capability that allows your location to be tracked within a few meters at all times. Question: does the federal government have access to this tracking information without a warrant? The ACLU filed a Freedom of Information request to find out but the feds refused to respond. So now they’ve joined with the EFF and filed a lawsuit:

They do? They are all equipped with GPS capability? Damn! That’s news to me. I rarely mention my business, but, I have been in wireless since 1994, and, let me tell you, if they all had GPS capability, we would be using it to make money, such as marketing it to parents to keep track of their kids and employers to keep track of their employees. I know of one employee at another carrier who was toasted by GPS, though. However, it was because of the tracker on the company vehicle, not the phone.

What can be done is track by tower and pinpoint reasonably close, depending on certain factors. So, somehow, in the overblown world of Liberals, this

The ACLU filed the FOIA request in November following media reports that federal officials were using Americans’ cellular phones to pinpoint their locations without a warrant or any court oversight, the groups said. Some government officials at the time said they did not need probable cause to obtain tracking information from mobile phones. In addition, the reports said some federal law enforcement agents had obtained tracking data from wireless carriers without any court oversight.

became “all modern cell phone are equipped with GPS capability.” It’s the same kind of weirdness and wackiness, otherwise known here in the ‘sphere as “Barking Moonbat Syndrome,” that led to Trutherism, Bush wanting to kill all Black people in New Orleans, and the belief that giving phone call info to the government that included only phone numbers was domestic spying. Among their thousands of conspiracy theories.

As a sidebar, it is funny that Liberals want to invest enormous amounts of power in the hands of the federal government, which is full of liberals, then have coniptions when that power supposedly corrupts.

Stop The ACLU says not to jump on the paranoia bandwagon just yet. Too late!

American Street says a warrant is not needed, and explains.

A.J. Strata: The hyper-paranoid liberal chatter today is all about who ‘owns’ the location of your phones, especially cell phones. He goes much deeper into a subject that, because I work in the industry, I wasn’t going to touch.

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