Gratuitous Republican Babe Pic Of The Day

Gratuitous Republican Babe Pic Of The Day

Republican Babe Pic Of The Day: The JerseyGOP website has a Republican BABE Of The Week section and I ran across pics of Kirsten Andersen, a Conservative columnist for PoliticalUSA there. This girl was just jaw droppingly, mind bogglingly, hot….well here, let me show you…

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I’m telling you, she makes my knees weak. Darcy Olsen & Emily Pataki are just “wow” as well. Both of them have that “girl next door” look, although it would have to be a pretty snazzy neighborhood since one of them is a Governor’s daughter and the other is a CEO.

But, I’d have to rank Kirsten up there on my personal top 10 list along with Jennifer Anniston (Friends), Mariah Carey (Singer & actress if Glitter counts as acting =), Sheila Moon (actress & music video maven), Zhang Ziyi (Rush Hour 2 among other movies), Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Grace Park (women’s golfer), Alyson Hannigan (From Buffy), Renee O’Connor (Xena’s sidekick), & Denise Richards (From Starship Troopers among other movies)…

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