Grey Lady Finally Admits Democrats Are Simply Animals

All of us on the right new it already, have known it for decades. The Liberal/Progressive/Surrender Monkey way of life is the same as that of animals. Hopefully prey animals

(NY Times) As they traveled across Indiana and North Carolina over the last few days, trading charges and countercharges about the wisdom of suspending the federal gas tax for the summer, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama were really having a larger fight.

They were arguing over who had better economic instincts.

Instincts. Not facts, not science, not policies, but innate impulses. Sure, sometimes instincts are good. A Nile Crocodile’s natural instinct is to travel to a certain place on the Mara River at a certain time and wait for animals to cross. Then they nom nom nom! That is a good instinct.

Then we have lemmings, which will follow each other off a cliff. Or, Thomson’s Gazelle, who follow each other into the Mara river at a certain time and place, and many become crocodile chow. That is a bad instinct.

The last thing I want is to listen to the instincts of Democrats, who think taking money away from productive members of society and giving it to parasites is a good idea. Who feel we should seriously destroy the economy to save us from global warming. Who’s instincts lead them to believe that raising taxes will stimulate the economy, rather then allowing people to spend their own hard earned money.

I’d prefer a politician who thought about an issue more then trusted their gut feelings. People who weren’t equating themselves to animals, and instead to, well, people.

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