Grey Lady Is Just “Wondering” About McCain Getting Cancer Again

Well, when I wrote this Sunday morning, planned to post it in the PM, I was using a baseball comparison, but, seems that Karl at protein wisdom beat me too it. Sigh.

Oh, well, let’s use hockey! The Grey Ladies are down 0-3. One more game, and they will be sent packing from the playoffs. First game, a blowout as they were caught “just wondering” if McCain had an affair. In game 2, the goalie was beaten badly by the wingers who lit the lamp time and time again after the Times tried the “is McCain eligible to be President?” gambit. Today’s game went the same way

dread pirate McCainAlong with his signature bright white hair, the most striking aspects of Senator John McCain’s physical appearance are his puffy left cheek and the scar that runs down the back of his neck.

The marks are cosmetic reminders of the melanoma surgery he underwent in August 2000. Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, sometimes tells audiences that he has “more scars than Frankenstein.”

But this time around, Mr. McCain has yet to make his full medical records or his physicians available to reporters. At least three times since March 2007, campaign officials have told The New York Times that they would provide the detailed information about his current state of health, but they have not done so. The campaign now says it expects to release the information in April.

So Mr. McCain’s prognosis for the recurrence of melanoma can be gauged only by talking to experts not connected with his case. Those experts say his prospects appear favorable.

“But, hey, you never know, so, we are just wondering if you should elect a guy who could get cancer again.”


Meanwhile, Roger Kimball is wondering “why is John McCain’s non affair front-page news while the appearance of Obama’s name on the hard drive of a dead Colombia warlord isn’t?”

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