Gruesome Humor Or A Great Idea?

Gruesome Humor Or A Great Idea?

Gruesome Humor Or A Great Idea?: At first, I thought this was just an evil, yet funny piece humor from, “The Best Page In The Universe”…

“(R)ather than using $100,000 worth of ammo, why don’t we take $100,000, convert it to pennies, then drop the pennies on people instead? You could get 10 million pennies for $100,000, which should be able to fill at least 40 bags full of pennies. Thus we could drop bags of pennies more frequently than bombs, which could mean big savings for our military. Hell, you don’t even have to drop them in bags to kill people. You could tape the pennies together 10 at a time and drop them from a height of 5,000 feet and kill d*mn near everything on the ground (and in a war on terrorism(tm), this is exactly what you’d want to do).

I call it: operation penny-drop. It’s the perfect way to win a war. Even the hippies won’t be b*tching because after the war is over and we’ve killed all the terrorists, the people who are still alive can rebuild their country by picking the pennies from the skulls of the dead people. Not only will we have won the war, but we don’t even have to worry about paying war reparations. It’s the perfect plan because everybody wins. We kill all the evil terrorists, and give them some of our own currency to rebuild their country with. Eventually when we open the first Starbucks in their country, we won’t even have to worry about currency exchange because they can use the left-over money to buy beverages, and let’s face it, who could resist an ice cold frappuccino after a long war?”

However, after looking at this, a little light bulb went on in my head. We used GPS guided pieces of concrete to smash tanks in Iraq, so why couldn’t pennies be used as a weapon? So I started thinking about the possibilities. Let’s say you dropped a few thousand pennies on a city from 15,000 feet up. That would have to do some serious damage right? I mean would a penny not smash a man’s head like an eggshell if it was dropped from that height?

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But, then I thought that pennies aren’t all that aerodynamic. What if instead of pennies, we dropped 1 pound ball bearings? Those would be more accurate and would produce less wind resistance, Hell, they’d probably leave a new hole from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. However, would they be enough to seriously damage a tank? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think so. So then I wondered what would happen if we took the ball bearings and mixed them with the equivalent of 20 pound steel lawn darts and dropped them. The ball bearings would wipe out the troops and hopefully the steel darts would cripple the tanks. In short, these would be the low tech versions of cluster bombs.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I know very little about munitions, bombing, military equipment, etc. So, it would be interesting to find out the answers to some of these questions. I mean, what would it take to slice through a tank? How much damage would a penny do from that high up? Has this sort of thing ever actually been tried aside from the already mentioned GPS guided concrete slabs? I know we have some people reading RWN who are probably knowledgeable enough about this sort of stuff to speculate and I’d like to hear from them in the comments section just to slake my curiosity.

***Update***: Steven Den Beste weighs in on this post with lots of good info.

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