Guess Who’s Back? Hawkins Is Back!

So, I am off on Friday and Monday and then naturally, last night as I am just getting ready to start updating at around 12:15 EST, I am unable to pull a web page.

I pick up the phone, call my provider, and they tell me they’re getting a bazillion calls and that they must be down. Rather than waiting for them to get it fixed, I decided to go to bed and get up at 6:30 AM.

Well, I get up at 6:30 AM and my instant messenger works, but I still can’t get out on a browser. So, once again I call tech support and after waiting for 15 minutes at 7 AM, I finally get through.

The newbie I am talking to then tells me they are not having any problems in my area. I pointed out that they told me they were having problems last night. She says that they told me wrong. I ask her about the wait; she says that was just happenstance. I asked her if she has had anybody else call in with problems like this. She said that she had and she fixed them.

At that point, I figured “Hey, I am 99% certain she is a clueless drone who is shoveling me a line of a horse crap, but let me give her a chance anyway.” So, she takes me through all these changes, including turning my firewall off, which would be fine, except that she didn’t tell me to turn it back on and it doesn’t automatically come back on (Most people wouldn’t have known to go back and fix that).

After 20 minutes of useless fiddling around with my computer, she tells me she can’t fix it and she wants to send it up to a higher level of tech support. I ask her for a supervisor. She tells me that they’re all on the phone with other people right now and they’ll have to call me back — which, you know, I am sure she would have told me that was how it always is when there is nothing wrong.

Anyway, after I got off the phone, I called someone else in my area, had her try the net and she was having the exact same problem which, of course, meant it was on my ISP’s end.

Soon thereafter, one of their tech guys called me, we talked and worked back and forth, he went back to the engineers, and now it’s fixed for everyone in the area.

And that’s why my first post of the day is at 10 AM…

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