Guess Whose Back?

I want to play a little guessing game. The game is called: guess whose back — and you can have one guess per person in the comments section.

Here are the only two clues I am going to give you: this is the back of a conservative woman and the tattoos, translated, say Justice, Honor, Loyalty…

Keep in mind that I will be out of pocket until mid-late afternoon, so I won’t be able to come back to verify the answer until then.

PS: There’s no prize for getting it right: you’re just playing for pride.

Update #1: As of 2:33 PM, nobody has gotten it. So, here’s another hint: the person pictured here is a blogger.

Update #2 (11:35 AM): Guesses so far include,

Angelina Jolie
Charmaine Yoest
E. M. Zanotti
John Edwards
Janine Turner
Mary Katherine Ham
Michelle Malkin
Right Thinking Girl
Tammy Bruce
The Anchoress

My favorite guess out of that bunch was John Edwards, but unfortunately, none of the guesses were spot-on. So, feel free to take another shot at it today.

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