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I’m so excited about the possibility of owning a gun! In D.C., only the criminals and cops have guns. We law-abiding residents just have to take our chances. The following was posted on my blog on March 9, the day the D.C. Circuit ruled that D.C.’s gun ban was unconstitutional.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (commonly called the D.C. Circuit) today declared D.C.’s stunningly stupid, misguided, and ineffectual 30-year-old gun ban unconstitutional. (via How Appealing and Instapundit)

Download a PDF copy of the opinion here.

One of the arguments gun ban supporters make is that since D.C. isn’t a state, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to it. But some of those same anti-gun rights folks are pushing for D.C. to be recognized as a state so liberal, non-voting House of Representatives delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, will get to vote.

D.C.’s crime rate shot up after the gun ban went into effect, and the city has remained atop the high crime rate list. As I explained years ago, gun bans don’t stop criminals from owning and carrying guns. Breaking the law is what they do. My seven-year-old nephew has better reasoning skills than the D.C Council!

If the ban is indeed lifted, I plan to exercise my constitutional right to own a gun in the District of Columbia. I can’t wait to buy my first piece! 🙂


La Shawn Barber currently is on hiatus from her own blog but couldn’t resist the opportunity to stir up trouble at Right Wing News.

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