Halloween At The HuffPo!

Even Halloween is just one more occasion for the joyless, obsessed libs at the HuffPo to kvetch about what they think is wrong with America.

For example, take Lisa Wade,

In today’s Baltimore Sun, I am quoted saying that “Halloween costumes are an excellent measure of who it’s still okay to hate or belittle.”

Ugh! Who thinks this way?

Then there’s this one, from Annabelle Gurwitch, is arguably even worse because it involves the author turning her son into a left-wing signboard,

Last Halloween, I corralled my son into making a blatantly left-wing statement. We went out trick-or-treating dressed as hobos carrying homemade signs that read respectively, “Will Work for Healthcare Benefits” and “Brother Can you Spare a Million?” Oh, how our neighbors laughed and showered us with candy, which I judiciously parceled out over the entire year like any mom concerned with limiting her kid’s intake of high-fructose corn syrup.

Nobody introduce Annabelle to Lisa or Ms. Gurwitch will undoubtedly get a tongue lashing over her hobo “hate” that she’ll never forget.

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