Halloween Horror Film Faves

Since I’m a big fan of horror flicks and it’s getting to be about the time of year, I thought I’d suggest a few creepy films that you might enjoy. Feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section.

The Best Of The Bunch

— Alien
— Candyman
— Cabin Fever
— Gingersnaps
— Hellraiser
— House of a Thousand Corpses (People either love or hate this movie)
— The Blair Witch Project (People either love or hate this movie)
— The Ring

Classics That I Liked

— A Nightmare On Elm Strret
— Aliens
— Evil Dead 2
— Friday the 13th
— Halloween
— Hellraiser 2
— Pet Sematary
— Pet Sematary 2
— Pumpkinhead
— The Amityville Horror
— The Shining
— The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
— Witchboard
— The Fog

I liked them but I make no promises

— 28 Days Later
— Dagon
— Jeepers Creepers
— Monster Man
— Wrong Turn
— Salem’s Lot (2004)
— The Dead Hate the Living
— Frankenfish
— Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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