Hamas Vs. Fatah

Is it wrong to root for a Fatah/Hamas Civil War in the disputed territories? Well, if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Let’s face it: there will never be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians until the government has a monopoly on violence in the territories. That means, at a minimum, that Hamas or Fatah has to be destroyed. Plus, as an extra added bonus, the more time they spend fighting each other, the less time they get to spend murdering Jews.

“Heavily armed Hamas militiamen’s efforts to break up anti-government protests on Sunday sparked gunbattles across the Gaza Strip that killed seven people in the worst internal Palestinian violence since Hamas took power.

Fatah group retaliated by torching the Palestinian Cabinet building in the West Bank. The violence comes amid growing frustration over forming a national unity government that could end crippling economic sanctions.

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The fighting continued throughout the day and sent schoolchildren and other civilians in downtown Gaza City fleeing for cover.”

You know, it’s a little ironic that part of the appeal Hamas was supposed to have to the Palestinians was that they would be less corrupt than Fatah. However, Fatah may have been corrupt, but the government has been completely non-functional under Hamas. They have no money coming in, they have terrorists shooting at each other in the streets, they’ve lost a lot of sympathy in the international community, and Israel has beaten them into the ground, largely without a big outcry, because the conflict in Lebanon got all the attention.

But, whom do so many people blame for this? The people building a wall between their country and the Palestinian insane asylum on the other side. Trust me, if you lived there and you didn’t want to run the Palestinians out of the area and take their land, you’d build a wall, too.

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