Handy Manny’s Pervasive Racism

Bloggers live glamorous lives. We’re like Hollywood starlets except were older, don’t shower often and wear pajamas to the grocery store. Wait, that’s just like a Hollywood starlet. While I sit here cranking out the content, one of my progeny uses me as a jungle gym when he’s not watching Disney Channel or Noggin. I have become intimately acquainted with kid-fare and it’s generally as repugnant as adult-fare. No wonder TV ratings are in the crapper.

Exhibit “A” is Handy Manny–the ode to Mexican immigrant greatness. I’m a huge fan of the industrious work-ethic that seems to be woven into the Mexican culture. I can personally attest to the fine work that Mexican-Americans contribute to our country and economy. Handy Manny exemplifies these traits. More power to him. In contrast to old Hanny Manny, though there is another character: Mr. Lopart. Mr. Lopart is be-speckled, be-fuddled, so smart he’s stupid, messes up everything he touches, rather weak and feeble, and refuses instruction or help from anyone, even those who know more than him. In short, Mr. Lopart is the worst cliché of the middle-aged, white American male.

It makes me sick. Watch just the first 30 seconds or so. You’ll see what I mean.

The Mexican, black, and oriental characters are all kind-hearted, have something broken and have the sense to get help from the super hero Handy Manny. Not Mr. Lopart. He’s the stupid white guy. Watching it once or twice is one thing. Seeing this racism every single day is galling. And this unspoken but obvious message is burned into the hard drives of America’s children. So parents, pay attention. Indoctrination begins young and could be happening right under your nose.

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