Happy Birthday Army, and Happy Flag Day, too!

It’s the Army’s 233rd birthday. Blackfive brings us the birthday message from Kenneth Preston, the Sergeant Major of the Army:

Here’s a nice tribute video that made me tear up a little throughout:

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To those currently serving, or who have served: thank you. Let’s all remember today the patriots who, starting 233 years ago, loved this country enough to risk sacrificing everything, and some did. Their bravery and seflessness is unparalleled. Happy Birthday to the Army. There is no gift we can give you that can compare to the gift that you secure for us: our freedom. Know, however, that the American people stand behind you united.

Today is also Flag Day. I posted this video on my blog before, but I want to post it again as it seems fitting.

Make sure to fly Old Glory proudly today (if you don’t every day). My flag is flying happily… in my living room. My apartment complex does not allow flags to be displayed on the balcony, not even the American flag. Why? Someone might get offended. I would love to move out in protest, but you know, there’s a lease and all. Anyways, those of you who have the privilege of owning your living space, make sure to fly a flag today. Remember all that Old Glory stands for.

Happy Birthday Army, and Happy Flag Day!

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