Happy Earth Day from your favorite environmentalist hypocrites

**Hillary Clinton arrives for a fundraiser in an 18-wheeler.

**Sheryl Crow wants you to use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit while she tours with 3 tractor trailers, 4 buses and 6 cars.

**Al Gore is, of course, king of the enviro-hypocrites. Read about his mining-company sponsored trip to Chile and how he buys “carbon offsets” (ie: the rich person’s way to avoid being environmentally friendly) from himself.

**And while I’m loathe to give Laurie “I’m married to someone famous” David any additional attention, she wants you all to drive hybrid cars while she and her meal ticket cruise around in their Beemer. Environmentalism for thee, not for me.

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UPDATE, 12:44pm: Reader CJ sends along this terrific quote from Mrs. David:

“Yes, I take a private plane on holiday a couple of times a year, and I feel horribly guilty about it. I probably shouldn’t do it. But the truth is, I’m not perfect. This is not about perfection. I don’t expect anybody else to be perfect either. That’s what hurts the environmental movement – holding people to a standard they cannot meet. That just pushes people away.”

Karol Sheinin blogs political at Alarming News and blogs poker at I Had Outs. She enjoys meeting rightwingers in NYC.

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