Hard Truths For Soft Liberal Heads

Here are a few “uncomfortable” truths that liberals are afraid to face:

* If greenhouse gasses are indeed responsible for global warming, there is no practical way that exists, worldwide, to cut them by a margin large enough to make a real difference. So even if you think global warming exists and is caused by man, there’s no real solution for the problem.

* Social Security is going to reach a “crisis” point and it’ll start, not in roughly 40 years when the IOUs for the money we’ve already spent run out, but in about 10 years when the program starts taking in less money than it pays out.

* You don’t have to “pay” for tax cuts in a country taxed as heavily as the United States. That’s because when taxes are extremely high, cutting them actually increases the amount of revenue that the government receives. That may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. Take a look at the Laffer Curve to get an explanation.

* The First Amendment does not require government and religion to be totally separated; it simply prevents the government from establishing a state religion. So, prayer in schools, the Ten Commandments in courthouses, and nativity scenes? The Founding Fathers would have seen no conflict between any of those activities and the First Amendment.

* There may be a legal difference between aborting a baby in the womb and drowning the child in a bathtub after birth, but there’s no moral difference between those two acts.

* If you can’t succeed in a great country like America, especially in these days and times, it’s almost always going to be because of your poor choices, not because of any sort of “ism.”

* The United States has done more good for the world than any other 10 nations combined. In fact, it’s fair to say that other than perhaps Christianity, the United States has been the single greatest force for good in the history of the world.

* Many of the people who claim to buy into Evolution do so because it’s used, by some people, as a litmus test for people’s commitment to science. In other words, if you favor science over religion, you believe in evolution and if you favor religion over science, you don’t believe in evolution. However, the real conflict isn’t between evolution and religion, it’s between evolution and science. Evolution is a poorly constructed theory that isn’t supported by the fossil record, the existing evidence, or logic. It’s hard to say exactly how all the different species we have on this planet developed, but it almost certainly wasn’t via Evolution.

* Illegitimacy and the social ills associated with it are a much bigger problem for black Americans today than racism.

* Although Jim Crow laws affected more people, there is no moral difference between Jim Crow laws and Affirmative Action. Discrimination based on race is wrong, no matter which race is impacted.

* Taken beyond a certain level, tolerance changes from being a virtue to a vice.

* In the United States, the bigger and more powerful the government becomes, the less free and well off the American people will become.

* The government shouldn’t be in the business of taking care of people; it should be in the business of making it easier for people to take care of themselves. There’s a difference.

* The insurgents in Iraq are hoping that they can get us to leave before the local government is strong enough to take control of the country, which would cause chaos. Then, the terrorists could build an army that could take over. Since that’s their strategy, it means that when the Iraqi military is strong enough to hold the country together and crush any fledging army that may arise, the terrorists are doomed. So out troops don’t have to defeat the insurgency in Iraq; the insurgency has to defeat us before the Iraqi military gets strong enough to stand on its own two feet.

* Mikhail Gorbachev is a not a great man, nor is he responsible for ending the Cold War. He’s an incompetent, Communist thug who lost control of the Soviet Union while trying to make their system more competitive with the United States. The only nice thing that can be said about him is that he didn’t send in the tanks to hold the whole sorry mess together. There’s something to be said for that, but it doesn’t make him a hero or for that matter, even a decent man.

* No nation we have ever fought has abided by the terms of the Geneva Convention. Since that’s the case, and since we are unlikely to fight any nations that would abide by the terms of the treaty in the foreseeable future, the Geneva Convention is only an unnecessary inconvenience, which provides no protection for our troops.

* Having a powerful military and letting everyone know our nation is willing to use it if need be is of more use diplomatically than any 10,000 silver tongued diplomats, sanctions, good will, or the UN, when we have to deal with unfriendly regimes. These rogue regimes may not respect our country or the international community, but every nation respects and fears a credible military threat to their nation, whether they will admit it or not.

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