Harriet Miers: This Far And No Further

“Thousands of words have been written, but no one has said “This far and no farther,” which makes me think that opposition to Miers is not that deep.” — Hugh Hewitt

Let me make it absolutely clear if it wasn’t already: I am saying, “This far and no farther.”

Ideally, I’d like to see George Bush withdraw her nomination.

If he doesn’t do so, I would like to see Miers defeated in her confirmation hearings.

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If Miers is confirmed, I don’t think that Republicans should threaten to stay home on election day or throw their vote away on a third party. But, I will say that if you’re considering whether to vote for a Republican Senator in a primary or give him a donation, then how the Senator voted on the Miers nomination should be one of the things in the forefront of your mind as you make your decision.

Note that I do not say this out of vindictiveness or out of a desire to lash out at the Republican Party. To the contrary, I want us to add more seats in the Senate and the House in 2006. But the nomination of a Supreme Court justice is a rare and incredibly precious opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered on a 4th tier crony candidate who cannot even be counted on to move the court to the right. This must be pointed out at every opportunity if conservatives are to have a chance to stop Miers from getting to the Supreme Court.

But what about party loyalty you may ask? Party loyalty is fine and conservatives certainly shouldn’t erupt over every little thing. But a Supreme Court appointment is just about as important as it gets in politics and if this isn’t the right time to fight for conservative principles, then when will that time ever come? If this isn’t an issue worth fighting over, then what is?

If the party loyalists are worried about the long term results of this intra-party brawl, then let them encourage George Bush to withdraw the nomination of Harriet Miers for the good of the party so a more qualified nominee can be selected. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a couple of months worth of nasty, internecine, political warfare on the right.

One way or the other, there is going to be a fight over the nomination. If Bush sticks with Miers, then he’s going to have an incredibly damaging fight with his own base. But, if he withdraws Miers, the right can join together and fight against the left for a candidate who’s truly worthy of being selected to the Supreme Court.

If Bush acts soon, he can turn a nomination that has been a political nightmare into a nomination that will unite the right. If he doesn’t, then the blame for the enormous political fall-out from this nomination will rest squarely on his shoulders.

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