Have A Very Liberal Holiday Season! XOXO Hillary Clinton!

First of all, watch this Hillary Clinton “Christmas” video. No, it’s fine, go ahead. I’ll wait…

Ok, have you watched it? Now, what did you notice? Here’s what I saw,

1) A wooden, joyless Hillary Clinton giving out poll tested “gifts” that are paid for with other people’s money. How typical for liberals. We’re going to take your money, use it on programs that we think will get us votes, and then congratulate ourselves for what we did with your money.

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2) The middle class tax cut package is particularly funny given that Bill rather famously promised a middle class tax and then didn’t keep his promise.

3) Hillary didn’t even wish people a “Merry Christmas” at the end. After all, it’s better to bow to political correctness, even if it irritates Christians.

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