He ‘Krauthammers’ The Point Home…Ok,

He ‘Krauthammers’ The Point Home…Ok, So I Need A Better Title: I don’t really need to add a lot to what Charles Krauthammer says in his latest column about creating a provisional state for the Palestinians because it’s so blatantly, obviously, correct…

“This rewarding of terrorism is not just a moral scandal. It is disastrous diplomacy. What does this provisional state say to the Palestinians? You can reject the state you were offered two years ago, start a war, murder daily and then be re-offered a state — this time without even having to be asked to make peace.

For an American foreign policy whose major objective is stability and nonviolence (if for no other reason than to give us freedom of action elsewhere in the region to fight terrorism), one could not devise a worse policy. If two years of blood-letting gives the Palestinians an interim state — without even a simple cease-fire, let alone a real peace — what possible disincentive do they have to continue the violence?

Statehood before peace is guaranteed to increase the violence.”

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