Hello, Hanna!

Unhappily, I’m right in the path of Hanna and it’s moving ever closer to my location as we speak. On the one hand, it is just a tropical storm and since I am not a liberal from New Orleans, I always have some basic hurricane supplies ready to go. I’ve got soup, plenty of bottled water, batteries, mutliple flashlights, dog food, a gun, plenty of gas — all the basic necessities.

However, I did almost pull a Ray Nagin in one respect; last night I ran out of paper towels and more importantly, toilet paper. So today, about 1:30 PM EST I headed out to Food Lion to pick those items up and little did I realize that I had just made it in time. You see, despite the fact that it was barely drizzling (It still hasn’t started hitting us hard yet), they had gotten orders from their national headquarters to close.

Now sure, I probably could have found something else open, but it hadn’t occurred to me that everything would close early because of the storm. So imagine if I had left a few hours later, hadn’t gotten toilet paper, and wouldn’t have had any for two days, in the dark, because the storm knocked the power out. Granted, it could be a lot worse, but that is still the sort of thing you kick yourself for doing.

That being said, I am now geared up, relatively well prepared, and hoping to make it through the storm with no problems. However, if by chance my co-bloggers are running the show on Monday without me, it’ll be because the power is still out. I don’t expect that to happen, but you know what they say, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” We’ll see what happens.

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