Here Come the 60s Again

Some outside perspective on the looming election, from Australia:

Obama says he will reach across the aisle to bring about big changes. Rubbish. What he is banking on is big Democratic sweeps through Congress that deliver him power not only in the White House but wide majorities in the legislature as well.

Obama’s appeal should help herald those big gains. And there’s the rub. This could be the best chance the Democrats have had since the ’60s to bring about the changes they long for, including their nirvana of government-sponsored healthcare.

Obama’s hidden message is that he wants to end the culture wars, all right: by smashing the opposition and winning them.

Obama is the most liberal moonbat in the entire Senate, having established himself as even more fanatical than extremists like Hanoi John Kerry, Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy, Babs Boxer, and avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders. No one who has a clue takes his easily predictable pre-election feints toward the center seriously. As the company he keeps makes obvious, Obama represents not just the left, but the ultra-left. A government takeover of the healthcare system would be only the beginning.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Their messiah has arrived.

Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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