Hey Kids, It’s Me, Captain Bomb-A-Roo!

If you want to know why Israel has never been able to make peace with the Palestinians, you need look no further than Uncle Hazim, a government sanctioned television show for kids sponsored by Hamas. That’s right, we’re talking about a terrorist group whose goal is not the creation of a Palestinian state, but genocide and a complete takeover of Israel. And the Palestinian government is A-OK with them running a children’s program.

Here are the details from the New York Times:

“Hazim Sharawi, whose stage name is Uncle Hazim, is a quiet, doe-eyed young man who has an easy way with children and will soon preside over a children’s television show here on which he’ll cavort with men in larger-than-life, fake-fur animal suits on the Gaza Strip’s newest television station, Al Aksa TV.

But Captain Kangaroo this is not. The station, named for Islam’s third holiest site, is owned by Hamas, the people who helped make suicide bombing a household term.

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“Our television show will have a message, but without getting into the tanks, the guns, the killing and the blood,” said Mr. Sharawi, sitting in the broadcast studio where he will produce his show.

“I will show them our rights through the history,” he said, “show them, ‘This is Nablus, this is Gaza, this is Al Aksa mosque, which is with the Israelis and should be in our hands.’

…Mr. Sharawi, 27, wearing a long black leather coat with a hood over a green suit and tie, fixed with a pin, looks like a straight-and-narrow Sunday school teacher. In fact, he got his start working with children at his mosque while studying geology at Islamic University in Gaza. His hair is parted in the middle, his beard trimmed as neatly as a suburban lawn.

He said the head of Hamas’s radio station spotted him leading children’s games at his mosque and asked him to do a children’s radio show two years ago. The show has become so popular, his appearances at occasional Hamas-sponsored festivals draw as many as 10,000 children at a time.

Mr. Sharawi will not take visitors to see him do his radio broadcast because the studio’s location is a heavily guarded secret. In 2004, an Israeli Apache helicopter fired three rockets into the station’s previous studio not long after Mr. Sharawi and his colleagues had fled.

Everybody involved in the television station is worried about another attack, but Mr. Sharawi said he is ready to die if it comes. “The messengers don’t care if they lose their lives for the sake of revealing the message,” he said.

As he describes it, his television show, which begins in a few weeks, will teach children the basics of militant Palestinian politics – the disputed status of Jerusalem, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the Palestinian refugees’ demand for a right to return to the lands they lost to Israel in the 1948 war – without showing the violence that Hamas’s pursuit of those goals entails.”

At the same time the Palestinians are out there claiming to be innocent victims (instead of a country full of terrorist supporters who lost control of their land in a failed attempt at genocide), they’ve got Osama Bin Care Bear here openly indoctrinating their kids in the name of Hamas.

This is just beyond obscene.

Unless the Palestinians in the disputed territories become civilized and give up their culture of death or the Israelis simply decide that they can’t live with them anymore and transfer them to the surrounding countries, there is no chance at peace.

*** Update #1 ***: From CoolCzech in the comments section, It’s the Uncle Hazim Song!

“I Hate Jews,
They Fear Me,
We’re a Nutty Family!

With a Strapped on Bomb
And a Shot From Me to You,
I Know One Day
I’ll Kill You TOO!”

*** Update #2 ***: More from the comments section:

“Hi there boys and girls. Can you say intfada? In Ti Fa Da. Sure you can. I like it when you say that.” — Kermit_H

“Imagine Mr. Rogers strapping on an explosives vest instead of his sweater.” — mojoe

“Would you kill my… won’t you kill my… neighbor!” — CoolCzech

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