Hey Mark Cuban, Here’s A Suggestion…

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, billionaire Mark Cuban, suggests that George Bush cancel the inauguration and send the money to the tsunami victims….

“Could there be anything more confusing and shocking than to read that our country was offering $35mm in aid to the areas affected by the Tsunamis, but that the cost of inauguration parties would be about $40mm?

Does anyone else think that this is wrong?

I realize that the cost for the inauguration is being picked up by corporate sponsors and people purchasing outrageously priced tickets. The question is why.

Why are all these corporations and people spending all that money? Hey I love a good party, but there ain’t no party like a $10,000 per ticket party. It’s a 10k dollar @ss kissing. As an accountant, fund raiser when asked about the high prices to attend the Inaugural events told the NY Times, “its the cost of playing the game”.

Mr President, its time to change the game.

In your re-election campaign, you talked a lot about leadership. Your ability to lead in times like these. Your ability to set an example. Mr President, it’s time to show that leadership. It’s time to set an example.

Cancel all but the most basic inauguration requirements.

It should be the easiest decision of your 2nd term.

You, Laura and the girls can still have family over and appreciate your blessings. I’m sure people who want to get out and have a good time, will still find a way to have fun. But that 40mm dollars can go a long way. Instead of shaking hands all night and being driven from party to party, send them a thank you card letting them know that the corporate and individual donations that had been earmarked for fun, was now going to help more people than they could ever imagine. Without the hangovers.”

First of all, the government is now up to $350 million and that figure is almost guaranteed to go up. That’s on top of all the money that American citizens and corporations have chipped in…and let’s not forget that America’s military got right in the thick on things early on.

Moreover, as blogger Rex Hammock says,

“…What will canceling a two hundred year old national celebration of democracy do to promote tsunami relief?…Why not call for the cancellation of the NBA season and take all the dollars advertisers have committed for broadcasting it and send those funds to tsunami relief? What, the advertisers won’t do that? Have you asked?”

Exactly, if we’re going to start cancelling things, instead of starting with a once every four year tradition that goes back to George Washington, why doesn’t Mark Cuban call up some of the businesses that are buying luxury boxes for Maverick games and tell them that he’ll give them their money back so they can contribute it to tsunami relief? Better yet, why doesn’t Cuban trade Michael Finley, Dirk Nowitzki, Alan Henderson and then replace them with scrubs? That would free up over $35 million dollars that Cuban could send to Indonesia right there!

Ok, maybe I’m overreacting just a little bit, but these little niggling complaints about how we’re reacting to the tsunami are getting really irritating, especially when they’re coming from a guy who’s so rich that he could probably buy half of Indonesia. If Cuban is going to whinge about us not doing enough, despite the fact that we’ll end up doing more than anybody else on the planet when all is said and done, then as far as I’m concerned, Cuban better have written a check with a lot of zeros on it himself…

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