Hillary Clinton’s Crash Site Photos. Caution-Gory Footage.

Dallas (AP) – released 9 minutes ago. Junior Senator Hillary Clinton of New York was flying cross-country tonight in her private plane and was forced to make a emergency landing in southern Texas because of bad weather. She was unhurt and the National Transportation Safety Board officials have determined that pilot error was the cause of the accident.

The accident scene pictures including the wreckage of Hillary’s plane have been released prior to being returned to upper New York State for major repairs. NTSB officials have also indicated that the Junior Senator was not wearing the appropriate seat belt or safety restraints and will be sited for those violations accordingly. NTSB officials also say the absence of a post crash fire was due to the lack of sufficient fuel on board to sustain flight. There were no on ground fatalities. A pciture of the crash site is shown below.

I got this one in my email and yes I know it was cheesy, but it just struck me as funny.

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