Hillary Goes Off The Rails On Vouchers

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton? slammed private-school voucher proposals yesterday, predicting that vouchers would eventually lead to the creation of taxpayer-financed white supremacist academies – or even a government-funded “School of the Jihad.”

…President George W. Bush has long favored laws that require states to provide vouchers, a position that earned him the allegiance of conservative Christian groups that have clamored for public education dollars.

“First family that comes and says ‘I want to send my daughter to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic School’ and you say ‘Great, wonderful school, here’s your voucher,'” Clinton said. “Next parent that comes and says, ‘I want to send my child to the school of the Church of the White Supremacist …’ The parent says, ‘The way that I read Genesis, Cain was marked, therefore I believe in white supremacy. … You gave it to a Catholic parent, you gave it to a Jewish parent, under the Constitution, you can’t discriminate against me.'”

As an adoring, if somewhat puzzled, audience of Bronx activists looked on, Clinton added, “So what if the next parent comes and says, ‘I want to send my child to the School of the Jihad? … I won’t stand for it.”

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Schools of Jihad? Church of the White Supremacist? “Cain was marked, therefore I believe in white supremacy?” Did someone slip some bourbon in her coffee before she went on stage or something? There are already voucher programs in parts of the US. Show me any of them where they dole out funds to Osama Bin Laden Elementary or the Robert “Sheets” Byrd White Power Middle School. It’s not happening now, nor will it happen.

Also, may I add that Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea to an exclusive private school. So, what’s her real beef with allowing ordinary parents, who aren’t as rich as the Clintons, to get the same kind of education for their children?

Could it be that like many prominent Democrats, she’s heavily reliant on the teachers’ unions for money and manpower so she has to slavishly adhere to their positions on the issues even if the children suffer for it? Bingo, that’s exactly what her opposition to vouchers is really all about: protecting members of the teachers’ unions from competition.

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