Hillary: Is She Too Dumb To Be President?

Hillary: Is She Too Dumb To Be President?

Boy, do I love this powerful, new, anti-Hillary meme. From
Investor’s Business Daily,

“Sen. Hillary Clinton’s fans suggest that her brilliance outshines her character flaws. But if she’s so smart, how did she flunk the D.C. bar exam, one of the easiest in the nation?

…From another biography, we also now learn that the esteemed senator failed to read the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq before she voted to authorize President Bush to use force in 2002. She now regrets the decision, claiming she was misled.

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…These latest revelations make us wonder if Hillary Clinton’s vaunted IQ isn’t just another Clinton fabrication. Is this why she refuses to release her Wellesley and Yale transcripts?

…Is this why she’s so scripted and relies so heavily on handlers and advisers? Is this why she uses questionable means to beat her “enemies,” perceived and otherwise, hiring private eyes to dig up dirt on them?

Or is this why she couldn’t recall anything when questioned by the feds and the press about her various scandals — from the Travel Office purge and cattle futures windfall to the Whitewater sweetheart deal and missing subpoenaed billing records?

Is it why she’s let herself be publicly demeaned by a philandering husband? Was he her ticket to political fame and fortune?”

Is Hillary as dumb as John Edwards is pretty?

Well, let’s be honest here: if she hadn’t gotten married to Bill Clinton, she’d have probably spent her career as a 3rd rate lawyer in a 4th rate law firm and she couldn’t have gotten elected as mayor of a one stoplight town, much less run for President.

Does that make her dumb? No, not at all, but it does mean that she’s a woman who has spent her whole life riding her husband’s coattails as opposed to the other candidates, who have gotten where they are based on their own smarts. So, dumb? Not necessarily, but not as smart as any of the other candidates? It seems very possible.

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