Hillary Would Be Nothing If She Didn’t Ride Bill’s Coattails

Democratic feminist Margery Eagan, who writes for the Boston Herald, gave Hillary a savage thrashing from the left that Hilldog richly deserves.

OK, sisters, how will it feel when the supposed “first feminist,” if she does get the nomination, gets it not on her own but on the coattails of her serial-adulterer husband?

Bill and Hill is now morphing into Hill and Bill, for obvious reasons. The road show came to New Hampshire yesterday. Bill stared at Hill adoringly, rapt, like Nancy Reagan in drag, for God’s sake, except Nancy actually felt it.

Does it get more humiliating? Did Elizabeth Dole drag Bob all across America? Did Kerry Healey? Have you ever even seen Attorney General Martha Coakley’s husband?

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“It’s a bad commentary on women candidates that she can’t stand on her own,” says GOP strategist Holly Robichaud.

…As any reader of this column knows, Hillary makes my blood boil. And yet, depending on who the GOP nominates, I may be forced to vote for her. And the only factor making that remotely doable is slippery Bill.

…But with Hill/Bill, the tables have turned. A two-fer is the key to Hillary’s success. So Bill was in New Hampshire yesterday and by her side more often than not since July 4 in Iowa, where Edwards leads. And Bill’s the star, oozing sex from every pore, no matter his age and heart problems. Crowds love him. They endure her.

Yesterday, NECN’s Jim Braude said six of the first 10 people he interviewed in New Hampshire admitted they’d vote for Bill over Hill if they could. Asked what she’d actually done to deserve their vote, interviewees stumbled and bumbled. One actually said, well, she’s . . .”a woman.”

It gets worse. To be frank here, he has more talent in his baby fingernail than she has stem to stern. By him she is out-brained, out-charmed, out-skilled.”

Of course, she’s right. Hillary is an uncharismatic, frigid, relatively unexceptional woman who has gotten as far as she has in life because she married the right man.

She would have never, ever, in 50 lifetimes, have risen as high as US Senator had she not married Bill Clinton. In other words, without Bill, she’s not even Joe Biden or Dennis Kucinich, she’s the sort of person, if she were lucky, who might be a mid-level aide to Joe Biden or Dennis Kucinich.

Maybe it’s gauche to say that because we’re supposed to pretend that she’s some sort of feminist icon, but Hillary is an empty pantsuit with a bad attitude who’s actually being considered for the presidency because she was lucky enough to marry the right man and was cold hearted enough to let him stray from her bed because he helped her politically.

The fact that such a mediocrity would even be considered for the presidency speaks ill of the times we live in.

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