Hizbollah’s Pro-Syrian Dog & Pony Show

I know some people may be disheartened by the size (an estimated 500k) of the Hizbollah sponsored Pro-Syria rally on Monday — but they shouldn’t be.

Fascist thugs like Hizbollah can always use threats, bus in Syrians, and grease palms to make sure they have a big turn-out for their “Please Oppress Us, Syria” pep rally. Of course, Saddam could turn out nice crowds, too. But when you take the gun away from people’s heads and let them make real decisions in private at the ballot box, you find that the people’s enthusiasm for tyrants is seldom as strong as it appeared to be in the street.

In Lebanon, the pro-democracy forces are the ones risking their lives to turn out while the pro-Syria demonstration was full of Lebanese who may have been risking their lives if they didn’t show up. It’s fair to say that has a lot to do with why Hizbollah was able to put together a larger turn-out…

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