Hold Your Horses

Glenn Reynolds says something I’ve been thinking:

But I think that Republicans should be careful about launching a cult of Sarah Palin. She’s the V.P. pick, not the head of the ticket. She’s still a relative newcomer to national politics. She’s virtually sure to commit at least one major mistake between now and November. And — yes, I know I said this before — she’s the V.P. pick, not the head of the ticket.

Cults of personality are annoying. There is no politician that I’ve idealized, but I have to admit that the more I see of Sarah Palin’s political positions, philosophy and personal life, the more I like her. The political class, McCain included, have been so out of touch with people in the hinterlands that they inevitably insult the people they ostensibly represent. Sarah Palin is not this politician. Yet.

Will McCain receive her input? I hope so. Note to McCain: 1. Build a fence 2. Stop the out of control spending 3. Knock it off with the big-government thing.

My concern with the populace and with both campaigns–Obama’s and McCain’s–is that everyone seems to be wanting to care for and be taken care of. Where is the impulse to cut the government and cut entitlements and cut the fat? Where is the impulse to strengthen the military and strengthen the infrastructure and cut the rest?

Sarah Palin seems to have that impulse. And I wish John McCain had more of it. John McCain is at the top of the ticket. His choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate makes me appreciate his willingness to bend and hopefully on drilling in ANWR. Is her pick just throwing a bone to the base or is he actually able to be flexible? Time will tell.

I still have concerns about John McCain. My fondness for Palin doesn’t change them.

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