Honey Trapping?

Over at Ace of Spades HQ, they’re talking about “honey trapping.” What’s “honey trapping,” you ask?

Martinez is a “honey trapper” — or as he likes to call himself, an “integrity tester” — one of a growing team of private detectives who are hired by wives, husbands or partners to test the loyalty of their loved ones.

“It’s growing all the time,” he says of his business, the Expedite Detective Agency (www.ex-da.com), which charges 300 pounds ($588) for an integrity test on a potential cheat.

Martinez refutes accusations of marriage-wrecking, arguing that his customers come to him when they are already concerned about their partner’s fidelity or when rumors have led them to suspect an affair. But he admits around 80 percent of targets fail the test and turn out to be ready and willing to cheat on a partner.

Of course, these guys are wrecking marriages.

Take that 80% that failed the test. How many of them were out looking to cheat and how many of them were just guys who were sitting around, feeling lonely, when some attractive woman came up and started trying to entrap them?

Granted, they’d still be wrong to try to bed the “honey trapper,” but on their own, how many of those men would have tried to pick up a woman? Could some of them, heck, could a lot of them, be cheaters who don’t have any qualms about cheating on their spouses? Sure. But, could some of them be people who would have never cheated or looked for an opportunity to do so had the honey trapper not walked up and tried to talk them into it? Sure.

That’s why it’s not really an accurate test and I have to wonder how many marriages have been ruined, divorces have been caused, and families have been torn apart by that service that would have otherwise been together.

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